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I remember during my own wedding planning I had to do mOUNTains of research just to figure out a starting point (soz industry friends for all the emails!). Future hubby and I came to learn what all couples before us had, and all couples coming after us would: everything costs way more than you feel it should.


Cut to me starting my own wedding planning business and I can continue to see this as a sticking point for couples when they’re just starting out. How can you create a wedding budget if you don’t really understand how much things cost?


Every couple I’ve spoken with – from budgets of $5,000 to $50,000+ - has said managing their wedding budget was their number one wedding planning stress. 


I realised that if you could see a variety of real life wedding budgets you’ll be in a better position to figure out what is really important to you both. And that’s really the best place to start.


So here for you are some dollar-by-dollar breakdown of a real Australian wedding budgets.


Because I believe if you better informed and better prepared you will have a more joyful wedding planning experience. And more joy in the world is a good thing.

Get your copies of these dollar by dollar breakdowns of real wedding budgets:

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