The Number 1 mistake couples make with booking a wedding stylist

As we get to know each other every Wednesday you’ll quickly learn that my wedding planning bible is “A Practical Wedding: creative ideas for planning a beautiful, affordable and meaningful celebration” by Meg Keene.

One of the books sentiments that always stuck with me is this: you begin wedding planning feeling like you’re a superhero. You’re taller than the tallest man ready to take on the world.

But most couples are unprepared for the enormity of what they are about to undertake. By the end you’re red faced and flushed, panting heavily, having lost your shiny cape forty emails ago.

I like to think my superpower is creating clarity.

Checklist, systems and process are my strengths. Chaos is my kryptonite. (Bam! I love a good analogy).

The first thing I am always asked to clarify is this: what is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding stylist?

I have spoken to fellow stylists in the industry who have shared that the number one mistake couples make is that they confuse their styling services with planning services.

Couples think they are getting a certain level of coordination or management for their day. A rude shock ensures when this turns out not to be the case.

Not to brag but I am pretty pleased with the service structure at We Heart Events. We offer both planning and styling services so no couple is ever stuck in this situation.

The best place to start when breaking down what services you know you need is to think of it like this:

A wedding planner is present during your ceremony and reception.
A wedding stylist is not.

Can you see it now?
Well I've made you this comparison image anyway just in case:


If you have booked a stylist check your contracts to be super clear on what services you are getting.

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x Amanda

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