Wedding budget blues? Here's what you can do.

Wedding budget ideas

Who needs a whiskey, straight up?

This week you have all been amazing offering your wedding planning insights via the We Heart Events survey.

I’m hearing you loud and clear and man it sounds like we all need a drink.

You’ve told me planning your wedding is a roller-coaster ride. One day you feel so confident you could plan this shiz in your sleep. Other days you want to curl up in to a ball, overwhelmed with all the details.

The number one thing causing you the most stress? Budgets baby.

Wedding budget tips

Boy have I been there.

I remember when my then-boyfriend-now-husband and I went to our first wedding together. We nearly chocked on our cocktail napkins when the bride informed us it cost $20,000.

“No way are we spending that type of money,” we balked.

Cue to three years and nearly $30,000 later, we totally did and then some.

The most annoying bit? We still had to compromise on a ton of our original ideas!

It doesn’t matter what your budget there will always be something you can’t afford.
— Amanda, We Heart Events

My magic wand is non-existent but I'm working on delivering you the ultimate wedding planning masterclass to help.

In the meantime, here are some ideas for you to mull over as you sip your chosen beverage.

Surprise people by not surprising them with your reception table styling

Unless you’re going all out, I’m a total fan of not worrying too much about styling your reception tables. The reality is once you get bodies in the room, jackets over chairs, purses on tables and the first red wine spill of the night, your reception tables are going to be the least stylish, and least remembered thing about your wedding.

Make a statement piece of your bridal table

Make a style statement on your bridal table with flowers, candles, glitter tablecloth or all three - then don't worry about the rest. Your guests will spend most of the time looking in your direction anyway. The rest of the time they’re too busy eating, talking, drinking and dancing to notice much else.

Get a bouquet the size of your head

I expect if you love flowers as much as I do, you could easily drop 10k on the vision in your head. If this fits in your budget sweet - can you please invite me to your wedding?

If this doesn’t fit your budget look for ways to make one big, bold statement. Get a massive, jaw-dropping bouquet. Instead of putting flowers everywhere make a feature of your bridal table using a flower garland or have a hanging floral feature over the dance floor - then don't worry about the rest. Can you also please invite me to your wedding?

Burn baby burn (candles, not cash)

Candles are making a comeback baby. They are a beautiful way to add ambiance and can work out more cost effective than a centerpiece of flowers.

TIP: Make sure your venue allows candles. Make sure all candles are encased in a jar/holder so the wax goes no-where near the linen or table. Purchase beeswax candles over the dodgy dollar store candles, as the wax is less likely to melt quickly or into a messy blob.

If this is a dance party, don’t make me sit down

Many of you have told me that you’re looking forward to getting the party started. If you want to burn up the dance floor, why are you having a 3 course sit-down dinner? Ditch the dessert or go for substantial cocktail food instead. Use the extra moolah on an awesome DJ (or don't).

Ditch the gifts for your guests

They really add very little both from a style perspective and to your guest experience. It is a sweet gesture but you’ve just fed and watered your guests for 5 hours. They really won’t be offended if they don't get a jam jar/piece of chocolate with your face on it.


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