The $40,000 wedding service

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Hazard a guess…

What wedding service do you think would cost you $40,000 just to get your foot in the door? Yes, that’s $40,000. Minimum.

A luxury private estate located in the Hamptons? Perhaps.

But, this service is actually a little closer to home. Would you be surprised to hear it is for wedding styling?

Yep. There are styling businesses so in demand they are able to set rates this high.

Of course these businesses operate at the top end of the market. But the fact is many couples are still spending a significant amount on styling their weddings.

Don’t believe me? The average Australian wedding has jumped from $36,000 in 2012 to an expected $60,000 in 2015.

My observations give me the confidence to call styling as the main culprit.  

Wedding Styling Costs 2015

But can I make a confession? I freaking love wedding styling. (Obviously. It’s one of my services!)

You know what I don’t love though? Brides who are disheartened after their high expectations have been crushed under the reality of costs.

I’ve talked before about how I want to help every couple experience more joy.

So here I am, giving you a reality check with a look at a real wedding styling budget >

I don’t want you to have sticker shock that leaves a bitter taste. I don’t want anything to take joy away from your wedding planning.

This is the underlying motivation behind my online wedding planning masterclass I’m bringing you this month of July.

Because more joy in the world is a good thing
— Amanda, We Heart Events

From picture to perfect: the 3 phase process to plan your wedding like a pro gives you even further insight to my experience with wedding budgets including:

  • how to work to get a handle from the start;
  • get back on track if you’re dealing with escalating costs;
  • and the one thing you need to do that most overlook.

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I’m am so confident you’ll get some valuable insight that I am even offering a 14 day money back guarantee.

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Because more joy in the world is a good thing.


Amanda x

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