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It really feels like winter.

Some say this season is a time of renewal, reflection and transition. This couldn’t be a more poignant sentiment for me right now.

I am excited, nervous and excited some more to open my online doors next week and share with you the We Heart Events wedding planning masterclass From Picture to Perfect : The 3 phase process to plan your wedding like a pro.

Reaching an important milestone for my business has made me reflect on everything that has led me here.

For a long time being an events planner seemed to be an unattainable dream to me.

How to plan your wedding

Then, I got engaged.

The second I started planning our wedding I knew this is what I was made for. The universe must have agreed - I took a leap of faith and got the second events planning job I applied for.

Planning our wedding while I was also working as an events planner seemed like a killer combo. So it was a surprise when our wedding nearly all fell apart.

You know what weddings are great at doing? Bringing up unresolved family issues.

It was the day before our wedding when family tensions boiled over. There were lots of tears on our wedding eve.

But our wedding day was far from woeful.

Because you know what weddings are also great for? Bringing people together.

Still. I will admit that the emotional toll had an effect on things not quite going to plan on the day.

When I returned to my life as an events planner I wondered what we could have done differently. Perhaps I had given my family too much to do. Perhaps they felt the weight of my high expectations.

Each wedding since has shed more light on what I now realise is the difference between managing a thousand-seat conference to a wedding of any size.

In the final lead up to your wedding the two things most important to you are escalating at the same time.

The amount of last minute logistics you are organizing to ensure everything comes together; with the intense emotions, excitement (and dare I say, tensions) of your families.

It’s a double whammy of wedding management – and scientifically proven! Yes. A scientist actually took blood samples of an entire wedding party.

Not surprising the results showed the person who experienced the most stress in the lead up: The bride.

And second? Mother-of-the-bride. (Enough said, really...)

The silver lining? Both also experienced the most joy on the day.

That’s what I want for you. To experience the most joy.

While the hiccups of my wedding day are slightly embarrassing to admit, I wouldn’t change a thing. Because this led to the seed of an idea about how we can do weddings better.

From Picture to Perfect : The 3 phase process to plan your wedding like a pro is not about ticking off items from a cookie-cutter checklist >

It is a real, practical wedding planning process.

In the next blog post I'll show you exactly what the 3 phase process looks like. Plus give you another dollar-by-dollar example of a real wedding budget that you love so much.


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