What brides wish they had known before planning their wedding

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A few weeks ago I was in the midst of the final preparations for the wedding of my lovely couple J+D.

At our first meeting that week, I walked in, took a look at their faces and said “If I could bottle what you’re feeling right now and give my potential customers a taste, I’d be booked out for years right?”

We all laughed and they nodded their heads in total agreement.

It’s so hard to explain what you’re in for when you decide to plan a wedding.

At the beginning you’re bursting with excitement and enthusiasm.

Then it starts to dawn on you just how much time, energy and money it’s all going to take.

It’s like every couple experiences this huge wedding planning learning curve.

Then after the wedding, you have all this hard earned knowledge but nothing to do with it!

How easier would things be if you could know those things now?

If you didn't spend months being excited over that thing only to find out you can't afford it, because you had no idea what everything would end up costing.

Or dealing with the frustration of getting a quote for a service then finding out there are additional fees you didn't know to ask about.

I want to give you some real, practical wedding planning advice - starting with a real wedding budget.

I’ve been busy sorting through the amazing survey feedback you all gave me that that has shaped my wedding planning masterclass.

I’m starting you off with this free example of what a real wedding budget looks like.

Yes, this is a step by step breakdown of what a real wedding can cost.

It dawned on me that if you had an actual real wedding budget from the start you’ll be in a better position to figure out what is really important to you.

Rather then scrambling to figure out just how you’re going to afford what you've set your heart on once you find out what it costs. Click here to get your copy.

And why not share some of your amazing advice while I'm here?

Here’s what some real brides wish they had known before they started planning their wedding:

Start with the big ticket items, such as venue, services hire etc and work your way down the line. The nitty gritty details should be last on the list. E.g. Don't worry about the napkin placements before having a table for the guests organised! Plus write down every idea you have, because you will forget them :)

You need to let others help. It shares the pressure.

Get experienced vendors.

It will be more expensive than you think.

Organise your guest list first before booking venue.

Time flies! Be prepared as early as you can and follow a timeline of when things need to be booked or paid for that way there is less to worry about the week before and you can enjoy the count down!

De stress. Remember to just relax and let things flow.

Enjoy the process. It will have ups and downs but remember it should be about you and your partner.


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Amanda x

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