I just need someone to set it up! Who can help?

If you’ve ever met me you will know this. I can talk about weddings all day.

I nearly hit my record on Saturday with back-to-back meetings that left me parched but happy.

Conversations focused around last week’s topic the difference between wedding planning and wedding styling.

“But what if I just need something set up?” asked one very smart chickadee.

Such a good question!

If you’ve hired a wedding planner + stylist or a wedding stylist only, set up should be included. This is true of We Heart Events full wedding planning plus design or design plus on the day coordination services.

However you may be in another boat. Does this sound like you?

  • you’ve done everything yourself including booking furniture hire, props etc and have arranged to pick them up or have them delivered somewhere
  • you’ve booked a florist to create your reception and/or ceremony flowers
  • your ceremony and reception decorations are all completely DIY

You may not need an additional supplier to set these up for you. At least one of your suppliers can probably assist even if it has not been explicitly mentioned.

Your Venue

The majority of wedding reception venues will set up your place cards, menus, table numbers and bombonieres (side note: I hate that word. We need to come up with a new one).

If the set up isn’t complex some will even accept a sketch of the way you want things done and also oblige with positioning your flowers and prop hire items.

There should be somewhere in your contract that explains if some level of set up assistance is included or excluded from your booking.

Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to kindly ask again. If your set up is not complex and you go about things in a nice, non-demanding way people are usually happy to help.

Your Other Suppliers

If you’ve booked a supplier who is providing a professional service – flowers, furniture hire and the like - they have most likely included a delivery and/or pick up fee on your invoice.

Some suppliers have already factored in the set up of these items as part of this fee. They will most likely ask for some direction from you the week prior. This may include asking for a sketch from you.

For example: if you booked a florist to decorate your ceremony and reception they have most likely factored set up in the quote.

Other suppliers will charge an additional labor fee if you actually want them to set the items up in a certain way, rather than just literally dropping them off at said location.

(NOTE: certain furniture hire companies will only set up if you have someone there to oversee and direct).

The magic rule – ask!

It is always good to kindly check with any supplier you’ve already booked if they can help.

You should expect to pay a labor fee for their additional time. But this could save having to ask your guests to do it and of course, saves you the worry.

“But, wait a second” I hear you say.

“If all these other suppliers can help me, then what is the deal with On the Day Coordination services?”

Good question 99. I think that one will be for next week. See what I did there? Leave them wanting more!

Plus I need to watch Game of Thrones now.

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x Amanda

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