To on the day or not to on the day. We help you answer the question...

Think back to the last time you attended a dinner party. As a guest you were able to relax, drink your wine and talk with friends carefree.

Now think back to the last time you hosted a dinner party. Constantly keeping an eye on the clock, checking the oven, perhaps slightly flustered as you juggle boiling the carrots with roasting the potato’s. Your wine glass barely touched, as you are more concerned with keeping your guests entertained.

You enjoy yourself but never feel truly relaxed.

This is the difference between using and not using an
On the Day Coordinator.

I have heard a lot of arguments and stories for and against this particular wedding service.

From an amazing story of family and friends coming together to pull off a beautiful wedding for a bride and groom who traveled in from overseas. They didn’t have an On the Day Coordinator.

To a heartbreaking story of a $100,000 wedding that the bride will no longer speak about, she was so devastated that everything fell apart on the day. They didn’t have an On the Day Coordinator.

Only you know what is right for your situation. And you can always give me a call or email if you need some advice.

“It’s not that things would have been a disaster without her, but (they were) SOOO much better the last few weeks having had her.”

But what exactly are you getting with an On the Day Coordinator?

Here’s how we do things at We Heart Events:

  • Four weeks prior to your wedding, we have a meeting with you and your fiancé

  • You hand over all your supplier contracts and contact details. I ensure nothing has been overlooked and become the main point of contact from this point forward.
    This means you can start relaxing and enjoy the excitement in the lead up instead of stressing over the finer details.  
  • I develop a three-day timeline for the day before, day of and day after. Every single thing is considered: pick up and drop off times; parking; syncing suppliers so the cake arrives in time for the florist to decorate; flowers arriving in time for photos; items moving between ceremony and reception venues. The list goes on.
  • I make all the phone calls to every supplier. I negotiate arrangements if these need tweaking from your original bookings. I make sure everyone is on the same page regarding access points and times.
    This saves you having the same conversation with each supplier – this alone makes things worth your while in my book.
  • On the day I am the main point of contact for everyone. I know exactly how the day should run, can make last minute decisions on your behalf.
    So you enjoy every moment and can focus on what really matters on the day.
  • I allocate my teams resources to best serve your needs. This may mean helping with set up of your DIY items or pressing play on CDs at the ceremony.
    Whatever the final piece of the puzzle is for your needs.
  • I hold on to phones of bridesmaids when they arrive; ensure the groom has tissues instead of car keys in his pockets; answer questions from guests who haven’t read their invitation fully and don’t know where the reception is (totally happens); press play on CDs; ensure food arrives on time or is delayed if things are later than expected.
    You can do whatever you want on your day. No clock watching required. I’ll just make sure everything flows around you.

Is that a little clearer? If not, again just shoot me an email and let me know your plans. This may be for you, or you may need to follow some tips from last weeks "I just need someone to set it all up" blog post.

Finally these parting words of wisdom from the mouth of a former bride who used an On the Day Coordinator:

“It’s not that things would have been a disaster without her, but (they were) SOOO much better the last few weeks having had her.”

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Because more joy in the world is a good thing.

x Amanda

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