I'm working for you for free. Seriously.

It's funny the things that make me cry. 

Today I started consulting on an events gig with one of Queensland’s top universities (Yes. That is me big talking myself). I met a lovely lady who lo and behold, happens to be engaged.

An hour into our lunch together and barely a mouthful of food had been eaten. We were both talking each other’s ears off about venues, invitations, styling, her amazing dress - weddings, weddings, weddings.

My stomach was empty but my heart was full.

As we hurried on to our next meeting my eyes welled as I silently thanked the universe for reaffirming I’m on the right path. (Although don’t leave me hungry for too long. A girl needs to eat!).

Now, let's get back to you.

Each Wednesday I will be coming to you with some wedding wisdom. Wedding Wisdom Wednesday if you will. (We can vote on the name. I'm totally democratic like that). 

I don't want to send you generic, run of the mill ‘advice’ that doesn't actually apply to you.

Plus you already have so many awesome resources here, here and here.

I want to bring you real, juicy, I-can't-believe-I'm-getting-this-for-free wedding planning and styling advice.

Because I truly do believe from the bottom of my heart that if I can give you back the time and energy to tap in to more wedding planning joy, the world will be the better for it.

No more wedding planning tears (let's be honest most couples will experience at least one meltdown).

No more having to work two jobs at once as you juggle your career and wedding planning (I’m looking at you. We both know you're not just doing things on your lunch break).

I'm all ears. You tell me what you are struggling with, what you would love to know and each week I will answer your questions with my best advice honed through years of experience.

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Ciao and happy planning,

x Amanda