Our Top 5 Last Minute Wedding Planning Advice

In the final countdown to your wedding day and worried you've forgotten something? Worried about the flow of your day, how it is all going to come together?

Then this post is for you! Here are my top 5 pieces of professional planning advice for the final weeks of your wedding planning.

1. Who is taking everything home? Make a list and delegate

Whip out your day of timeline. Makes sure the very last line reads "These items go home with."

You may have asked for cash, but some people will bring gifts anyway. All those flower jars or photo booth props you purchased? They will need to go home with someone (and you probably don't want it to be you!).

2. Have a list of family members required for photos

Your photographer can only help so much when rounding up your immediate family for photos. You will find it more helpful if you a) write a list of the family group photos required and b) give that list to a close friend, bridesmaid or even your Mum to 'own' as their job on the day - to quickly round up everyone (your family and friends will be enjoying themselves so much they'll need a little whipping!).

3. Remember to pay your vendors promptly 2 weeks prior

A boring bit. Yet prompt prepayment is not only a courtesy to your hard working suppliers, but is an easy way to become a favourite client. Suppliers love clients that make their life easier (and who don't micromanage!) Their appreciation will be reflected through their work for you on the day.

Last minute wedding planning advice

4. Ditch the unfinished D.I.Y

I know. You had lot's of grand plans. Yet somehow your wedding day is staring you in the face and you haven't even started that piece of paper mache amazingness that was going to blow everyone's mind.

I know that you know in the logical part of your brain, as the calm and collected bride and groom that you are striving to be, that it is not 'the stuff' that matters. But you can't get rid of the nagging feeling that if you don't get all those awesome projects completed (even if it means staying up every night) your wedding day will somehow be 'less than'.

I guarantee that the high level of time and energy required right now to get all these done is more likely to lead to increased stress levels as you juggle the rest of your last minute to do items.

Of course we want you to get everything you had been hoping out of this experience. We want you to be content and happy that your day was everything you had imagined. So if you really want to get these projects done now, we strongly recommend getting some overall help. Which bring us to our last point.

5. Book an On the Day Coordination service

If you're feeling overwhelmed;

Or just over it;

Or just ready to get the party started;

it's not too late to book an On the Day Coordination service.

If you're not familiar here's how it works. At We Heart Events we start working our magic 4 weeks prior. We help you navigate the final weeks so you can start to let go, relax and soak up the excitement and anticipation.

  • We are available straight away via phone and email so you have the support of a professional planner to answer questions or offer advice
  • We meet at a time most suitable to you – at home after hours appointments are most popular with our clients.
  • We double check all your bookings and contracts to ensure nothing has been overlooked
  • We finalise all last minute arrangements
  • We use our extensive planning experience to help you get the most out of your day by developing a well thought out timeline
  • We work with all your suppliers to ensure everyone is on the same page

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Ciao and happy planning,

Amanda xo