How is this master class delivered?

You will be given access to my online members only page with all 13 videos ready to view.


Is the class a live experience?
Am I going to miss it if I’m not online?

No, this is not a live webinar.

All content is pre-record.  You can view at a time suitable to you. Lifetime access also means you can review at anytime.


We’ve already got a tentative plan in place, so why do I need phase one?

Most likely you have a tentative plan based on physical locations and things.

Phase one helps you go deeper to a plan that meets your emotional needs as well.


I’ve already started my wedding planning, so how will this help me?

All content has been designed to help no matter how far you have progressed with your wedding planning.

How will this masterclass really address my specific needs?

The NEXT release of this masterclass is currently in development.

Your questions, comments and feedback is welcome and will be included in the next release.


How am I going to find the time for this?

All content is ready to view, anytime.

As a special bonus for this first round release you will get full lifetime access.

No matter how long you have left until your wedding, you can view at a time that suits you.


Why does the checkout need my billing address?

Our payment service provider requires your email and billing address (phone number is optional).

Be assured that all your details are kept private and confidential.